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Joseph Lane Photography Contract Agreement

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Photography Contract and Usage agreement

This document constitutes a binding contract between:____________________________________________  henceforth referred as Client.


Joseph Lane Photography henceforth referred as Photographer.

The Client agrees that copyright, moral rights, and all other intellectual property rights to the photos belong to Photographer, and/or his or her heirs, licensees or assigns, with full right of lawful disposition in any non-malicious manner (Photographer can sell their work).

The Client agrees that , while they may use the photos for purposes related to the promotion of Client’s modeling business, including, but not limited to : social media, composite cards, exhibitions, contests, magazines, and promotional web sites, Client will not sell or otherwise transfer publication rights to any of the photos without Photographer’s prior written consent.  If the Client desires to sell prints of photos, he/she must have a written agreement by Photographer in addition to this release. (Print release)

If photo has been watermarked, Client may not remove said watermark.

Photos with no watermark may not be altered in any fashion.

The Client agrees to identify Photographer when copies of the photos are presented to the public.  If Client is contacted by a 3rd party wanting to feature the photos or Client (i.e. a Television show or other commercial venture) Client must contact Photographer to negotiate a license directly with Photographer.  Any print release agreed upon previously do not apply to 3rd party ventures as they are only between Client and Photographer.

The Client releases and agrees not to hold Photographer and/or his or her heirs, licensees or assigns, harmless from any claim to liability in connection with the publication or use of these photos in any manner or form whatsoever under this release form, unless it can be clearly shown that the foregoing was maliciously caused and produced, and published solely for the purpose of subjecting the Client to conspicuous ridicule, scandal, reproach, scorn, and indignity.

Client hereby affirms that all poses, positions and situations enacted in the photos covered in this release were entered into without force, coercion, or threat whatsoever, and were posed freely with Client’s full consent.  Client further agrees to hold blameless and free of all accusation of such force or coercion Photographer, his legal representatives, assigns and those acting under his permission.

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